Simsbury High School Virtual Choir Concert

Join us for the Simsbury High School Virtual Choir Concert on Monday December 21st at 7pm. The concert will be livestreamed on the new
Simsbury High School Performing Arts youtube channel.

This has been a very different semester for our students, and despite all of the challenges of hybrid learning they have put together a really beautiful program that reflects their hard work, musicality, excellent heart.

The concert will feature ALL of our groups: Tenor & Bass Choir, Treble Choir, Mixed Chorale, Advanced Treble Choir, Simsbury Singers, Gospel choir, Holiday Cab, No Fella, Andiamo, and Unaccompanied Minors.

The following is a list of all the concerts and performances by school.  

Please double check you schools calendar for performance dates.


SQUADRON LINE 12/16/19 Choral 5&6
  1/8/20 Band 5&6
  1/22/20 Strings
  4/8/20 Choral 5&6
  5/14/20 Band 5&6
  5/18/20 Strings
CENTRAL 12/5/19 Concert
  4/7/20 Choral 6th & Instrumental
  5/7/20 Concert
  TBD TWEC Final Concert
LATIMER LANE 11/6/19 Informance Strings
  12/5/19 Chorus and Band
  1/8/20 Strings
  1/22/20 Band Informance
  4/7/20 5th grade Concert
  4/23/20 6th grade Concert
  5/20/20 Band
  6/3/20 Strings
TARIFFVILLE 12/4/19 Winter Concert
  1/30/20 Instrumental
  5/7/20 Spring Concert
  5/21/20 Instrumental Concert


TOOTIN HILLS 11/14/19 Informance Strings
  12/16/19 6th grade Choral
  1/15/20 Strings
  1/16/20 5th grade Choral & Special Ch
  1/30/20 Band
  3/26/20 6th concert & Musical
  5/14/20 Band & 6th grade Choral
  5/27/20 Strings
HJMS 12/11/19 Band
  12/12/19 HJMS/SHS Orchestra @SHS
  12/17/19 Choral Concert @SHS
  3/19/20 Musical @SHS
  5/5/20 Band
  5/8/20 Farmington Valley Chorale @SHS


SIMSBURY HIGH SCHOOL 10/3/19 Choral Concert
  10/19/19 SHS One Acts Festival
  10/30/19 Tri M Recital
  11/7/19 Men’s Night Out
  12/5/20 Jazz Concert
  12/9/19 Band
  12/12/19 Orchestra HJMS/SHS
  1/31/20 Musical
  2/21/20 SHS Battle of the Bands
  TBD SHS Eno Hall
  3/25/20 Band
  4/1/20 Choral
  4/24-26/20 SHS Spring Play
  4/27/20 Townwide Jazz Festival
  4/30/20 Orchestra HJMS & SHS @ SHS
  5/1/20 SHS Reader’s Theatre
  5/13/20 Jazz and Pops
  5/28/20 Choral Revue